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Things To Do In The Red Light District

April 10, 2018


When most people talk about Amsterdam, the first thing that comes to mind is De Wallen, also known as the Red Light District. And yes, it is exactly what it sound like!

The Red Light District is characterized by a network of alleys containing approximately hundreds of tiny single-room cabins that are rented out to prostitutes. The ladies sell their sexual services from behind a glass door or window which is usually illuminated by red neon lights.

Other activities you can engage in while in the Red Light District include:

  • Sex shops,
  • Sex theaters,
  • Peep shows,
  • Cannabis museum,
  • Coffee shops that sell marijuana

The best time to visit De Wallen is in the evening especially around 11pm when the streets are bustling illuminated by red neon lights.

Here are some things you definitely should do when you hit the Red Light District:

Bulldog Coffeeshop

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re missing out! Founded by Henk de Vries, the Bulldog Coffeeshop started out as a sex theater that hosted a sex shop in the basement. This was back in the 70s before pot smoking was not allowed. Henk’s friend’s would come over to secretly smoke a reefer and when it became a coffeeshop, it became a purveyor of weed in the black market.

So notorious was this little place, that police officers regularly raided it as a form of training for new recruits. Gnarly…

By the way you need to know that in Amsterdam they don’t call it a joint that would be referring to a cocktail of tobacco and cannabis. A reefer on the other hand is a regular marijuana joint.

Tour the Alleys of the Red Light District

Just in case you’re wondering, the Red Light District is located near Amsterdam’s Central Station. You might find it strange that locals try and avoid however, tourists love it and we’re pretty sure you will love it to.

The alleys of the Red Light District are truly every man’s dreams; you will be greeted by rows of shops filled with beautiful women beckoning at you. In fact, during the day which is off-peak hours, the women inside are endlessly tapping on the windows. In case you come across a shop with closed curtains don’t mistake it to mean that the shop is closed, they are just taking care of business.

A 20-minute stint inside one of these booths will set you back around 50 Euros. In case you extend your time you will obviously need to pay extra so go with your wallet ready.

Sex Shows

The Red Light District is definitely the world’s sex capital and nothing underscores this better than the live sex shows. Most sex shows have a duration of 30 – 60 minutes and go for around 25 Euros, however, if you don’t want to stick around for that long or feel that the price is a little bit steep, you can always opt for the peep shows.

With a peep show you can get to watch some action (solo or otherwise) from a booth for 2 minutes. The Sex Palace is renown for its peep shows.

If you’d like a more personal tour of the Red Light District you can ask for an Amsterdam escort to show you around.


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