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Amsterdam Liquors You Need To Try

April 05, 2018


Whether you’re a foodie or an adventurer seeking out the pleasures of Amsterdam, you will definitely want to try out the various types of liquors that are readily available in Amsterdam. We have prepared a list of different liquors and spirits that we think you should try out.

Many of the liquors listed below are quite strong and we recommend that you pace yourself as you try them out.


This is a traditional Dutch liquor that used to be a popular export in England. However, at some point there were hostilities between the Dutch and the English that led to a complete halt of Genever shipment to England. However, the English couldn’t live without it, so they set out to replicate Genever but instead ended up with gin.

Funny enough, when hostilities ceased between the two countries, the English sent their gin to the Netherlands who ended up loving the knock off. It comes in two varieties, there is, Young Jenever and Old Jenever.

Bols is the most famous Jenever brand there is in the Netherlands.


Oranjebitter is a drink that was created sometime in the 17th century to honor the victories of Prince Frederik Hendrik. It didn’t gain fame until the 1800s when Willem I of Orange had it served without sugar.

It has a unique orange color from which it gets its name.


Schrobbeler is a Dutch spiced liquor that has a strong licorice flavor. Even though it is usually not advertised, many bars have it under the counter. You can also easily get one from a liquor store. Unlike the other brands mentioned in this article, Schrobbeler is a relatively young creation that first came into the market some time in the 70s. It originates from Brabant which is South of the Netherlands.


This is a spiced liquor that is made from a secret combination of spices. It is also known as Weduwa Joustra and Bearenburch. There are different variations of this drink that have contributed to the non-standardized naming of these articles.  Some popular brands of Beerenburg include:

  • Bokma
  • Weduwa Joustra
  • Sonnema
  • Hooghoudt Kalmoes
  • Berenburg
  • Plantiga

The spices are responsible for taking the edge off the spices. You can sip Beerenburg on its own while enjoying its liquor taste.


This is a traditional Dutch alcohol made from what can only be described as “surprising ingredients”; brandy, sugar, and eggs. It has a strong after taste and tastes like custard. Back in the 1800s, Advocaat was very popular among lawyers and it is rumored they took some before going to court for trials. And that’s where it gets its name from. Advocaat is the Dutch name for lawyer.

In modern times they are mostly associated with older people, but don’t let that keep you away from this great tasting liquor.


Boswandeling is a liquor the consistency of a creamy milk which can only be credited from the fact that it is made from coconut and banana. It is usually paired with orange or pineapple juice. You can also have it served on the rocks.

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